Welcome to MWM – Metal Workout Music! This is a site I created for our own community of hard rock and heavy metal fans that also love to workout. It makes sense; instrumental metal music and working out. It’s a marriage meant to last!

This site is NOT just another metal workout playlist. I am writing and recording a series of album that consist of music specifically for working out. What you’ll hear is instrumental metal music written and recorded by me, Jason Stallworth. You can read about my first project below, Heavy Metal Workout.

I’ll also be putting out some workout programs to go along with my metal workout music series. The goal is to have a full workout program available for each album. More to come on that!

Heavy Metal Workout Album

Check out my latest album called Heavy Metal Workout! It’s a 12 track instrumental metal workout music album. The songs are heavy, chunky and driving. The tempos are set just right for lifting weights and strength training.

In fact, Heavy Metal Workout is the world’s first true, authentic instrumental metal workout music album created specifically for those of us who workout and train hard. There’s no lyrics, no slow parts and no distractions. Just put in your headphones and train.

Heavy Metal Workout is available on all major digital retailers and streaming services.

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Heavy Metal Workout - Jason Stallworth - front

Heavy Metal Workout Music

There’s always been something about listening to instrumental metal music while working out. It’s aggressive, driving, and motivates you to train harder.

Notice I said instrumental metal. I know there are some excellent playlists and compilation albums out there for working out. But lyrics can sometimes be distracting. And even many instrumental metal tracks often have stops or slow parts. The music I’m writing for this series of metal workout music albums are all driving instrumental metal tracks. They keep moving, which keeps you moving.

Listening to hard-hitting instrumental metal music is like taking a loaded pre-workout supplement. It gives you the sustaining energy and push out more sets and reps.

Passion-Driven Metal

My greatest passion has always been music, specifically the hard rock and heavy metal genre. And I also have a deep passion for working out and weight training. In fact, I started playing guitar around the same time I started lifting weights in my mid-teens.

Through Metal Workout Music, I was able to combine both. And now i’m sharing this with you. While I hope my first album Heavy Metal Workout serves you well, I’m in the midst of writing new metal workout music. On that note, make sure you join my Metal Workout Music by submitting your email and I will keep you updated.

Train with Metal,